Meersbrook Bank Primary School

Welcome to Our School


Our Governing Body at Meersbrook Bank Community

Primary School


We have a group of volunteers with a range of backgrounds and skills who are enthusiastic, committed and dedicated to children’s education and who want to make a real difference to our school. They contribute effectively to its smooth running and success.

They have three core strategic functions:


  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic vision of the school:


  • Holding the Headteacher to account


  • Overseeing financial performance



They carry out their statutory duties consistently and work alongside the senior leaders and staff in school to ensure we continue to raise standards of achievement, deliver our priorities and secure value for money.


Our Governing Body meets at least once a term. We have also established three sub-committees which meet once a term with specific roles and responsibilities. The School Improvement Committee plays a key role in managing the school and ensuring that committee work is co-ordinated. This is chaired by Kirsten Johnson. The Teaching and Learning Committee deals with all aspects of the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment. This is chaired by Nick Rogers.  The Resources Committee deals with staffing, budget-setting, health and safety, the school premises and making sure money is well spent. This is chaired by Max Beatson. We also form ‘task and finish’ groups as and when necessary, which are focused on monitoring and evaluating specific priorities.


If you are interested in being a governor you can either contact us by email or via the school office.


Types of Governors


Parent Governors

These are elected by the parents/carers of registered pupils at the school.


Co-opted Governors

These are appointed by the governing body and includes those who, in the opinion of the governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.  As a co-opted governor, they may have an area of specialist knowledge or experience or bring a wide range of skills and experience to the role of a governor.



Staff Governors

These must be paid to work at the school and be elected by staff.


Associate Governors

We benefit from being able to draw on expertise and experience from outside our formal Governor membership.


We also have Link Governors for school priorities as identified in our school development plan. They work alongside members of the Senior Leadership Team to monitor and evaluate work on their designated priority. This may include: being up-to-date with legislation; looking at pupils’ work; speaking to pupils about their learning experiences; speaking to staff and asking senior leaders challenging questions about the school’s performance. Associate Governors do not have voting rights.




Local Authority Governors

These have been appointed by the Sheffield City Council.


In July 2015 we re-constituted the Governing Body. Below is more detailed information about each Governor. You can also refer to the Governing Body notice board in our reception area.





Roles/Committee membership


Date of appointment


Who appointed them


Term of office


Kirsten Johnson

·         Chair of governors

·         Chair of School Improvement committee

·         Local Authority governor

·         Member of all committees

·         Responsible for safeguarding and Pupil Premium

·         No registered pecuniary interests



Dec 2012

Dec 2016 Changed to L.A Gov



Full Gov Body


Dec 2016

Dec 2020


Max Beatson

·         Vice-chair

·         Chair of resources committee

·         Parent governor

·         Member of school improvement and resources

·         Responsible for SEND, Looked After Children and Prevent

·         No registered pecuniary interests


Jan 2015




Jan 2019

Jan 2023


Nick Rogers

·         Co-opted governor

·         Member and Chair of Teaching and Learning committee

·         Member of school improvement committee

·         Responsible for English

·         No registered pecuniary interests


March 2010


Full Govs


March 2019

March 2023


Julie Petty

·         Co-opted governor

·         Member of Teaching and Learning committee and school improvement committee

·         Responsible for EYFS

·         No registered pecuniary interests


Sept 2014


Full Govs


Sept 2019

Sept 2023

Tom Bassindale

·         Parent Governor

·         Member of Teaching and Learning committee and school improvement committee

·         Responsible for Maths

·         No registered pecuniary interests

July 2017


July 2022


Rachel Edwards

·         Head teacher

·         Member of all committees

·         No registered pecuniary interests


Jun 2008


Full Govs


Clare Shaw


·         Staff governor

·         Member of Resources committee and school improvement committee

·         No registered pecuniary interests


Sept 2012




Sept 2020


Amy Wright

·         Clerk to Governors

·         No registered pecuniary interests

Sept 2018

Full Govs



None of our Governors have any relevant business or pecuniary interests (for example roles in other educational establishments or material interests arising from relationships between Governors and school staff). It is important that governors act impartially – they have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and those of the school.