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Information for Parents


We have taken the decision to provide online learning which has been prepared by your teachers for each year group. These will be updated weekly to provide as much help and support as we can during this period for your child’s learning. We appreciate that not everyone has a computer, or you may have to share resources across a family. Therefore, we have made available some home learning packs for this week, or we encourage you to do other projects led by your child’s interests and send these via email to your teachers. The key thing is to keep reading, learning and exercising your brain!


Why have Home Learning Projects been created?

Learning Projects have been created as a result of schools shutting due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the UK. We fully acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, our complete focus has been on creating a set of projects that all children can access to maximise their learning whilst at home.

We have made the learning packs year group specific and will be updating them weekly. You will also find a number of useful interactive links for good websites, games and books amongst other many other activities. As well as offering them through the website, we will email the links to you. Your teacher’s email has been provided so that we can keep in touch, you can ask any questions or you can share some work and they will get back to you as soon as they can. We also have books, pencils and pens that we can give out so you can record your work when you want to.


What are the aims of the Learning Projects?

  • To create age specific learning opportunities for primary school children.
  • To create a resource for parents that is easy to access and use - the focus is on parents being able to help deliver the content or children accessing it independently.
  • Key learning is linked to the National Curriculum and is Year Group specific.
  • To enable children to continue with their learning at home during an enforced shutdown.
  • To provide structure and focus to each day that an enforced shutdown occurs.
  • To centralise online learning resources and links into an easy to manage format for families.

Reading is still our main focus so read as much as you can and share books with your child.

Please see these links about safe use of the internet and safe screen time advice for the next few weeks.

Other learning resources parents may wish to access;


Classroom Secrets Learning Packs - These packs are split into different year groups and include activities linked to reading, writing, maths and practical ideas you can do around the home.

BBC Bitesize - This has lots of great interactive learning for KS1 and KS2.

Twinkl to access these resources click on the link and sign up using your own email address and creating your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS. They have created excellent home learning packs, theme learning, wordsearches and interactive theme weeks that are year group specific.

EYFS -- Year 1 -- Year 2 -- Year 3 -- Year 4 -- Year 5 -- Year 6

Purple Mash Your child will have their own login and many activities will link to current theme learning. Please email if you don’t have your login.

Hamilton Trust - Has a range of English and Maths resources that can be used.

White Rose Maths - Not available yet but will have good content.

Supermovers - Online PE that is linked to Maths and English.

Disney Shake Up Games - Online Change 4 Life 10 minute activities


English Based Links

Literacy Shed- Really useful for writing stimulus with little videos for free.

Authorfy Classroom - Reading and writing masterclass and listen to what the authors have said. (Need to join but looks great!)

Spelling Shed- Lots of interactive games that you can access around spelling.

Spelling Frames- Lots of year group specific words and games around spelling rules.

Common exception word list - This is your year group specific spellings that you can play games with, such as anagrams, missing word and hangman.


Maths Based Links

Timetable Rockstars and Numbots- Children should practise this daily and will have their own logins. Please email if you don’t have your login.

Snappymaths - Lots of maths games and resources to use.

Topmarks - Free Activities for maths and other areas.

Daily arithmetic for different areas of maths.

Play on Hit the Button


Reading Based Links

World Books e-books- Hundreds of free e-books with a range of fiction and non-fiction

Storyline Online - Have a book read to you. Draw a picture, summarise or explain your favourite part of the book.

Lexia Online- Personalised online reading and comprehension for Years 2 and 6. If you need your login please ask your teacher.

Oxford Owl - Get your child to read a book and answer questions online.

Lovemybooks - Lots of books and ideas and activities that you can do around the books.

The Reading Realm - Excellent use of books for writing and drawing activities.

Additional Year 1 phonics support can be found here:

Additional year 2 work to can be found here:





Our SEND Home Learning pack is available here



So many children are feeling worried and anxious right now, this could help alleviate some of their fears. It has received some wonderful feedback (included below) so I believe it would be useful to get it to as many children as possible.



Here is a Self Care Kit which is full of lots of ideas and activities to do with your child.

Self Care Kit Corona 2020.pdf