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Swimming at Meersbrook Bank School


The National Curriculum: Swimming and Water Safety


All schools must provide swimming instruction either in key stage 1 or key stage 2.

In particular, pupils should be taught to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations



Meersbrook Bank School Lessons

Children at Meersbrook Bank have their main swimming lessons during Year 4. All children in Year 4 will receive 18 weeks of swimming lessons at Heeley Swimming Pool.


In addition, last year’s Year 6 cohort received an extra 8-week swimming block during the final summer term. We used part of our Sports Funding to pay for this. We intend to do the same with our current Year 6 group (2018-19). The decision to give the Year 6s extra lessons was made so that they could have a final “boost” before moving to secondary school and so that school could report accurately and fairly on end of KS2 swimming data.

We hope to continue with the extra Year 6 lessons, but this will be dependent on future funding. We will keep parents and carers informed of any changes.


 Swim data for website 2018-19.pdf

Swimming Information for the website September 2019.pdf

 Meersbrook Bank Primary swimming data 2018-2019.pdf