Meersbrook Bank Primary School

Welcome to Our School

 Staff from Sept 2016

Mrs Rachel Edwards


Mrs Clare Shaw

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Mark Knight


Year  6 teacher

KS2 Leader 

Mrs Clare Tierney

Year 5 teachers

Mrs Nicola Williamsom

Mrs Anna Clark

Year 4 teacher

Mrs Kay Wilcox

Year 3 teacher

Mrs Clare Shaw

Year 2 teacher

FS and KS1 Leader

Miss Gemma Collins

Mrs Beth Crawshaw

Year 1 teachers

Miss. Kimberley Wells


Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) teacher

Mrs Caroline Grant


Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) Teacher



Mrs. Yvonne Jenkins

Teaching Assistant  Year 1 and Year 2

Mrs Anne Hinchcliffe

Inclusion coordinator (Thursday/Friday)

Mrs Heather Pykett

HLTA (PPA cover all classes)



Mrs Hester Moore

Teaching Assistant Year 5/6

Miss Claire Brammer

Teaching Assistant Year 3/4

Mrs Julie Rhoades


Mrs Denise De Marco

Teaching Assistant Year 6


 Teaching Assistant Y1 am

Mrs Kay Aspinall

Teaching Assistant FS2

Ms. Sarah Gunn


Mrs. Lucinda Edwards

Mrs Antonia Hopkins


Teaching Assistant FS1


Office Manager /Finance/Health and Safety

Office administrative officer


Mr. Michael Holiday

Building Supervisor

Mrs. Julie Peters

Cleaner and Lunchtime

Ms Carol Hirst

Cleaner and Lunchtime

Mr Mick Coldwell

Crossing Warden

Mrs. Julie Peters

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs. Jackie Hirst

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs. Barbara Brammer

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Nadia Bi

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Ms Jayne Steele

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Pat Watson Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
 Ms Carol Hirst Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Kitchen staff employed by contractors.

Mrs Deborah Jeffrey

Ms Doreen Firth

Cook Supervisor

Assistant Cook